Our Mission

We all have the capacity to tap into the artistry required to heal ourselves because the need for repair is part of the human condition. The essence of our work is to gently guide people into this process by helping them embrace their creativity and thus reconnect with the belief that change is possible and abundant health and wellness can, indeed, be achieved.

Meet Our Therapists


Lisa Goldman


Some things Lisa can help you with include Traumatic Brain Injury, chronic pain, depression, grief, anxiety, stress, family and marital conflicts, women’s issues, sexuality, relationship issues, anger management, coping skills, impulse control, spirituality, and mood disorders.

Do you want to create change? Do you want to learn how to make intrapersonal and interpersonal shifts in order to move through your life with more ease? With 23 years of experience, I am a seasoned dance/movement therapist. However, I not only offer body centered approaches but a variety of other creative modalities such as art making, role play, and creative writing to awaken our healthiest parts. I have consistently witnessed the power of incorporating these non-verbal and artistically expressive techniques into the traditional counseling process.

The client drives the process and can choose to explore any of the above approaches OR traditional talk therapy. This is the case for all of my clients dealing with a variety of challenges as well as my clients who have survived brain injuries and area of expertise.

But, no matter what the issues are, I believe that our meaningful stories live in our bodies and physically accessing, exploring, and expressing this rich material integrates the mind, body, and spirit in a way that leads to a greater sense of wholeness, self trust, and inner peace.


Kris Larsen


Some things Kris can help you with include trauma and PTSD, addiction, depression, stress, anxiety, coping skills, grief, relationship issues, self-esteem, spirituality, and mood disorders.

In my 23 years of experience I have been a collaborative guide for my clients establishing an environment of curiosity, openness and acceptance. I believe that the development of one's own creativity is the in-road to understanding the self and the discovery of patterns that support healthy relationships.

My work is grounded in the relief of symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. I utilize psychotherapy rooted in the body-mind connection as well as verbal counseling techniques to process issues that disrupt the connection of understanding and compassion for self.

I have my Master's in Dance/Movement Therapy and a Level 1 Certification in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I offer work that brings deep emotional healing, development of creativity to support self-initiated change and symptom management tools for better living.

Other Clinical Staff